[Review] Digimon Adventure Tri. 1 Saikai

Lacking in too many aspects.

Digimon Adventure Tri. is probably the most anticipated film by Digimon Fans. This film was launcher not too long ago in November 21, 2015. That is more than sixteen years since the first Digimon Adventure TV series aired back in 1999. The studio behind this film is still the same studio that handles Digimon TV series and film before, Toei Animation.

Is the movie worth to watch? It depends. For Digimon fans, it might be worth it but hardly a must. When I watched the trailer, I think this film is hardly exciting. Really… Seems even boring. But hey, then I saw a short scene of Omegamon fighting with Alphamon which raised my hope.

Now that I have watched the film, what do I say about it? Back to my first impression when watching the trailer, hardly exciting. The story sucks ass. The battle sucks. The background music is so-so.  The sound effects is rather a let down. The animation is so 10 years ago. Seriously! Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F is also an anime film from 2015 and the animation is so much better. Like 10 years ahead of Digimon Adventure Tri. which put this anime like an anime from 2005. Even Strike Witches film released in 2011 still looks much better than this anime film. Not everything is bad though. I still like their theme songs though. Butter-Fly, Brave Heart, and I wish still sounds great in my ears!

Now I am going to talk more about the story. It pains me to see Greymon cannot win a fight against Kuwagamon. No matter what the reason is. It’s already several years since the event on Digimon Adventure Zero Two and it seems the Digimon doesn’t practice anything and get weaker instead. To makes things worse, instead of evolving to MetalGreymon and gain the upper hand, Greymon just choose to lose the fight. Oh wait, why not start the fight as WarGreyMon and smash that Kuwagamon easily?! Ah it makes no sense dammit!!


Now about the grand battle between Omegamon and Alphamon. Alphamon is too stupid probably. He can’t even hurt a high school girl carrying a cat-shaped Digimon. Alphamon’s aiming is so poor. And his power is too weak probably. And then comes Omegamon to challenge Alphamon. The battle is so not exciting. Also, Omegamon takes too long to charge his Garuru Cannon. Oh come on! Smartphone these days already have quick charging feature! And even Son Goku already learned how to fast charge his Kamehameha and able to destroy Frieza quickly in Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F.


Digimon fans gonna hate me (even more). I used to be a Digimon fans. Not because of the anime but because of the games. The story in any Digimon anime is always inconsistent when it comes to the power of the Digimons. It annoys me, really. However, their RPG games are very good when it comes to the story although the game play can be lacking too.

Final Thoughts
Digimon Adventure tri. is an underwhelming film. For a 2015 film, the animation, character design, background music, and sound effects are far from impressive. The story is hardly exciting and just forget about the battle. This anime really feels like a low budget anime. Digimon Adventure tri. lacks in every components and the only good part of this anime is the theme songs. Yes, the remix of Butter-Fly, Brave Heart, and I wish sounds great. So, just watch this film and pay attention through everything. You’ll get a lot of things to be complained.

Story 5
Animation 6
Sounds & Musics 7
Characters 7
Voice Acting 8
Overall 6
Rated as Barely Acceptable



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