[Review] STAND BY ME Doraemon, superior 3D animation and motivating story

Stand By Me Doraemon is a 2014 3D anime film. Doraemon is very popular around the world. So, many of you already know that Doraemon is a cat robot from the future coming to the past to help Nobita with his problem in life. This movie was released in August 8, 2014. The budget is extremely big for a Japanese animation standard, that is US$35 Million. The budget itself is even bigger than the gross income earned by K-ON! Movie in 2011. STAND BY ME Doraemon earned US$170 (estimated) in total which is very very high for the standard of Japanese animation.


The story is about Nobita’s future. Her future marriage with Shizuka to be more specific. So, I can say that this is about love story partially. It’s quite beautiful. Way more motivating than any Doraemon story I’ve ever read or watched so far. The ending is “almost” excellent but not what I already hoped (which I think could be more impressive). Still, it is a very good story. Entertaining and great to watch with your family, or even with your girlfriend/boyfriend because there is a beautiful romantic part on it.


The animation is clearly where this anime shines. Beautiful 3D Animation second to none. Really! Second to none! Not even other Japanese anime comes close! This anime set a new standard for Japanese 3D Animation, which I think is already very very far behind Disney’s 3D animation. I am totally stunned by the beauty of the animation. Pretty detailed, nice, sharp, and clear. They also pay attention to depth of field in this anime which give it a much more film look. The angles or point of views are great. Looks like a professional film and somehow, impressed me even better than many Holywood film I’ve watched!


The music is very good. No question about it. It built the atmosphere of the story, leaving even deeper impression on every scene. The ending theme is Himawari no Yakusoku (ひまわりの約束, lit. “Promise from Sunflower”) by Motohiro Hata. A very beautiful song. Feels so deep. As deep as the story.

The characters are basically the same is any other Doraemon story which consists of Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo, and this time also Dekisugi. Only in this anime, they were drawn in 3D polygon. But of course, they still resemble their appearance in the 2D anime.SBM_Doraemon_03

Final Thoughts
I hardly have any complain about this anime. It’s beautiful on every parts, impressed me deeply on many aspects. The story is almost  excellent like I already mentioned earlier. It’s not about friendship, but more about one’s motivation to change his future although not using the right way. The animation is where this anime really shines. It simply has no competition at all in Japanese 3D animation, unless you compare it to Disney 3D film. The music is no let down either, filling every moment with deeper impression. For someone who already familiar with Doraemon, you must watch this film. It won’t be disappointing (unless you’re heartless). Me myself is very satisfied with the story.

Story 8
Animation 10
Sounds & Musics 8
Characters 7
Voice Acting 8
Overall 9
Rated as Excellent



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