[First Impression] Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka Season 2

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? or GochiUsa Season 2 is the sequel to GochiUsa both of which were produced by White Fox studio. The show started airing last October 10 and it is expected to end this December 26 which is one day after Christmas. 7Fmttw7 (1)

So what is my first impression of the show? It’s DAMN CUTE! The character interactions are very hilarious. The main heroines are still very likable. Cocoa is genki than ever before. To be honest, I’m beginning to like her character. Her annoying personality is what makes her even more cuter. It can’t be helped that she’s voiced by our own very lovable seiyuu Sakura Ayane. :3 Cocoa is also becoming more overprotective of Chino whom she regards as her ‘little sister’. Chino often reciprocates by showing her annoyance of her but still secretly loves her cool ‘big sis’ Cocoa probably it’s because she missed her mother who passed away when she was young and regards Cocoa as being like a mother-figure reminiscent of her mom. On the other hand, Rize’s cool personality is still the same as always. Her obsession with guns and weapons and other military stuff never changes. In one episode, she showed her friends the room in her house which contains a collection of modern assault rifles which are all quite detailed. Meanwhile, Sharo is still when time she’s around with Rize. Her obsession of Rize often leads her to awkward situations particularly during the 3rd episode in which she fainted after Rize held her hands during their ballet practice. Because of this, Chiya likes to tease her. Speaking of Chiya, scary stories still turn her on and loves to secretly torment Sharo in front of Rize. Her habit of giving quite crazy names to her dishes never changes. 

Perhaps the main highlight of this sequel is Mocha’s arrival.

MochaC88 (1)

This might explain why Cocoa is becoming more and more protective of Chino. Mocha who is voiced by the ever glorious and beautiful Ai Kayano shares nearly the same personalities as that of her little sister Cocoa. Mocha has a habit of hugging some girls whom she regards as ‘little sisters’. This makes Cocoa very envious of her especially when hugged Chino who seems to be okay with her hugging than that of Cocoa. Cocoa would later appreciate her older sis’ visit and made an effort to celebrate her arrival prior to her departure. Although, Mocha’s appearance in the show was quite brief which only span 2 episodes but nevertheless, the scenes involving her were quite memorable and touching. Towards the end of her departure back to her home, Mocha now sees Cocoa as becoming more and more mature and no longer the clumsy little sister whom she teased when both of them were young.

As for the rest of show particularly the theme songs, all of them are quite good. To be honest, I really love this sequel’s OP song a bit better than the 1st season’s OP song. It’s also one of my favorite anime songs this season. Here’s the vid if you want to listen to the song now:

The ED song is also way better than that of the first season. You got Chino along with her friends Maya and Megumi playing rocks-papers-scissors with the viewer towards the end of the ED song every episode which is really entertaining.

Overall, the show still retains the heartwarming atmosphere of the 1st season. If you want to watch something that would give you sweet dreams fuel after watching the serious shows this season or a very nice slice-of-life show with comedy, then I recommend to try this one first. You’ll feel happiness after watching the show, I assure. 🙂

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