First Impression of One Punch Man

One Punch Man (also known as Wanpanman) is one the most anticipated anime in Fall 2015. The studio behind  this anime is Madhouse, a well-known anime studio in Japan which has produced tons of high quality anime(s). The story is based on a manga with the same title which was already released earlier since 2012 and still ongoing until now. The anime was aired from October 5, 2015 and still ongoing by the time I write this article.


This anime is about super hero fighting villains, mainly monsters and weird creatures. The main character is Saitama. The strongest man in the world. Even stronger than Superman and Son Goku. Why? Because Saitama can defeat his enemies with just one punch now matter how strong they are (live up to the title of anime). And yes, this anime will be about Saitama destroying (not just killing) every enemies of him. With single punch of course. You’ll many violence in this anime. So, those who doesn’t like violence, I advice you not to watch this anime.

In these early episodes I’ve watched, I found the story to be quite exciting and promising. Not to be the best anime of 2015 according to my taste but I do really enjoy watching this anime. It packs a nice and brutal action. The character of Saitama himself is also interesting. Like ordinary human physically, but packs a strength beyond any creatures in the universe.


Saitama is very strong indeed. But he is not without his limitations. Unlike Son Goku and Superman, Saitama only possess super human physical strength and speed. He can’t fly and has no projectile attack. He is a human from earth after all. Unlike Superman and Son Goku who used to be alien orphan raised by human.

How the hell Saitama become really strong? It turns out Saitama did some intense training which will be revealed not too long from the early episodes. You might want to follow his training and try to become as strong as him but of course it’s not possible. However, I think the training is worth to try to make yourself stronger and healthier.


I recently watched Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F and I can see how Son Goku struggle to keep up the fight with Golden Frieza even with his Super Saiyan God form. I think, Saitama can easily destroy Frieza with single punch. Too bad Saitama is not in Dragon Ball Z so they have no choice but to leave the fight to Son Goku. Okay, the nonsense talk ends here. I’ll put a full review once I finished watching the full series.

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