[Review] Voltron : Defender of The Universe

Voltron : Defender of the universe is an Animation TV series From days of long ago. It was aired in United States from 1984-1985 (that’s more than 30 years ago). This time, I only write about Vehicle Voltron, not the popular Lion Voltron. Vehicle Voltron is based on Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. The plot is heavily altered to make it more “family friendly”. There are quite a lot of changes made from the Dairugger XV to Voltron. Too many that I won’t bother to write them. But mostly, they remove the scenes that contains violent.


Deeper into the story. It’s about a group of space explorers venturing through the space to find new planet for living. Earth is already too crowded at that time after all. These space explorers works under Galaxy Garrison, a massive organization formed from the good planets of the solar system who share the same purpose, to achieve peace. The command ship of these space explorers is called Stellar Ship Explorer.

The Explorer carries Voltron Force, a group of space explorers piloting vehicles for exploring the planets. There are 3 teams of vehicle and each team has 5 vehicles. The team is known as Air Team, Land Team, and Sea Team. They have their own specialty related to the name of the team. Together, they can combine to become the mighty robot, Voltron.

Anyway, why the hell they need Voltron? It’s because Galaxy Garrison has an enemy. The Drule Empire from planet Drule doesn’t want to let Galaxy Garrison occupied another planet. So, the Drules always do what they can to prevent Galaxy Garrison explorations. The Drules often attack with their strong attack fleets and their robots called Robeast. That’s where Voltron takes part. To protect the Galaxy Garrison and the Universe from Drules’ attack.Voltron_ss_02
The animation is so old. What do you expect for a show more than 30 years ago? It’s not impressive at all for today standard. However, compared to the show in 1990s, it’s still acceptable. I can see that they often use the same animation in several episodes, especially when Dairugger using its attack move. It can’t be helped though. Making animation at that era is very difficult. Thus, you need to make it as efficient as possible.

The music is cool but you might find it boring after watching for sometimes. I don’t really complain about the music though. I like the theme of Voltron after all.
And about the characters, this is where it gets worse. There are 3 teams and each team has 5 vehicles. That means 15 pilots. Oh, don’t forget the captain and the commander of the Explorer. Wait… How about the people on Galaxy Garrison? And now, how about the villain from Drule Empire? Damn, so many of them… Too many characters but the only characters you can mostly see are Jeff, Cliff, Krik, and Commander Hawkins. How about the other pilots? Well, they don’t have much screen time. So, forget about the other characters as well. Too bad. Oh yeah, the voice acting is not bad though. Back then before 2000s, I found American voice actors can do really well in voicing character from Japanese Anime. And now, the American voice actors are mostly even better than Japanese voice actors.


So, how do I feel after completely watching Voltron? I already watch some of the episodes back then, but I didn’t watch it completely. So, due to my curiosity, I re-watch this series again, completely. Unless, you are someone like me, who already watch it back then and wanted to re-watch it again, I won’t bother recommending this anime to you. Simply because it is too outdated. Younger audience won’t like it due to the old animation. Even a friend of mine who was born in late 1980s said that he can’t stand the image quality. Story is another problem. Since the plot is heavily altered, sometimes I found they kinda forcing the dialogue to change the part of the story. Also, the animation removed sometimes might have an important information about the story. Removing it will makes the progress of the story kinda weird. The idea about Voltron isn’t bad. However, the execution is just not good enough.

Story 7
Animation 4
Sound & Music 7
Characters 5
Voice Acting 7
Overall 6
Rated as Decent

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