Fallout 4 Impressions Part 1


Fallout 4 is the fifth title to the Fallout franchise and Bethesda Softworks’ third Fallout title after their publish Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. The game is set 200 years after the nuclear war that wrecked the world and takes place in the northwest region of the United States known as ‘The Commonwealth’ which comprises Boston, Massachusetts and the rest of the New England region. The player takes control of the ‘Sole Survivor’ who got out of the Vault 111 200 years after he took refuge from the nuclear war that destroyed his hometown. Now, facing a new post-apocalyptic environment before him, he must set out to find his family, face new people, encounter warring factions, fight hostile creatures and enemies and finally survive in the new world forged by the war.


The game offers new improvements. The first of these is the weather system. Unlike the previous titles which had no additional weather effects like rain, the weather system now has dynamic weather effects including rain and storms. These dynamic weather effects offer an immersive atmosphere to the game which the players could enjoy.


The VATS mode has also seen few improvements. VATS targets can now move in slow motion while being targeted. However, if those targets move near or behind the objects, the combat sequence will be seriously affected with players potentially missing them. This forces players to decide when to use the VATS mode to either damage or kill the targets. In addition to that, critical shots are no longer randomized. Players can now decide which shot inflicts critical damage to their opponents’ body parts.


Fallout 4’s crafting system had improved significantly as well. Weapons are now fully customized as well as the armor. Players can now create new weapons from the parts they chose and they can now scavenge for parts to forge new armors they want to wear. These gives modders huge motivation and endless possibilities to provide players with new looks and weaponry for their characters.



The perk system which shaped how the player leveled his/her character in the previous games has now merged with the skill system. Each perk no longer requires certain skill levels but the character’s levels are still requirements for a new perk to appear and be applied. There are a total of 70 perks based on the attributes. Each of the 7 SPECIAL stats has 10 perks. Because of this, players can now focus what perks they want to improve their characters and no longer being restricted by skill level requirements.


As for the rest, I will provide my additional impressions as I explore further into the game’s story.


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