Marine Entertainment rolls out Maricolle Live 2016 PV

Marine Entertainment rolls out 3 PVs of the upcoming Maricolle (Marine Collection) Live 2016.
The PV features :

Uchiyama Yumi and Taneda Risa from Yumi & Risa no Tokyo Rough Story

Ookubo Rumi & Hara Sayuri from Ookubo Rumi Hara Sayuri Seishun Gakuen Girls High↑↑
大久保瑠美さん・原紗友里さん(大久保瑠美・原紗友里 青春学園Girls High↑↑)

Tsuda Minami from Tsuda no Rajio 「ddaa!!」

The live concert will be held on February 14, 2016. Some popular seiyuu will make appearance in this live concert so it will very interesting.
For more information about the concert, you can visit if you could understand Japanese language of course.


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