[Review] Yowamushi Pedal Movie, bicycle road race anime done right

Yowamushi Pedal Movie is an original story of Yowamushi Pedal that takes place after Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD. This movie was aired from August 28, 2015. For now, it appears I am the first and the only one to make a review of this anime movie in MyAnimeList. Pretty much because the BD hasn’t yet released so people from outside of Japan still haven’t watched it.

My impression with this movie is filled with positive impressions. It’s what a bicycle road race should be. The TV series has a lot of flashback scene during the race which makes things feel kinda boring. Fortunately, the story in this movie focuses on highlights of the race all the time. It makes the race scene more interesting and more awesome. Now, we can focus on the race much better. Oh yeah, the race also feels more immersive! Check out the official trailer on Youtube.

In terms of animation quality, sound effects, and musics, it’s about on par with the anime. Slightly improved but hardly noticeable. So I won’t bother talking about about them deeply. We got new a theme song of course. The title is “Link” by LASTGASP and it serves as the ending theme. It’s cool!

The characters are the same so I won’t talk anything about them as well. I already wrote a long post about them in the previous article about the TV series. Just check them there.

I can’t write too much or I might spoil the fun. Several things I’ll tell. It’s about another three days race but not Interhigh. The third year students are still in the race. Every known cyclist will show off their specialty here. For those who haven’t watched the TV series yet, it’s still possible to watch this movie without too many confusion. You’ll learn about the character by the story progress just like when you watch “common” movies. This movie is highly recommended too watch. A race that is closer to reality. It’s cool, fun, entertaining, and inspiring.

Story 9
Animation 8
Sound & Music 8
Characters 8
Voice Acting 8
Overall 9
Rated as Excellent

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