Rest in Peace Matsuki Miyu

Earlier today, November 2, 2015, I read a shocking news. Matsuki Miyu, one of our dear seiyuu has passed away on October 27, 2015. Her age was 38 years old and the cause of her death was her sickness, that is pneumonia. It’s a disease that is primarily caused by bacteria and viruses. This disease affects one’s lungs. I won’t explain it further because I don’t even understand it.


About Matsuki Miyu. I seriously don’t know much about her besides her voice. That is because I don’t live in Japan and I mostly don’t understand Japanese language. But her voice alone is able to impressed me deeply. When it comes to her voice, I seriously doubt anyone can replace her. Her voice is so unique. It’s a gentle and calm voice but can be cute at the same time. It’s so sweet that listening to her voice can make myself calm. Her singing is not extraordinary, even for seiyuu standard. But her voice acting is great. So great that it really impressed me. Knowing the truth that she is no longer with us in this world makes my broken heart even more broken. Especially, October 27 is just one day after my birthday. I am emotionally compromised. Surely, the others, especially fellow seiyuu(s) are even more emotionally compromised than me. But it can’t be helped. It’s the truth. Now we can no longer listen to her voice in the upcoming anime.

Rest in peace Matsuki Miyu. Your voice is irreplaceable. The anime world will miss your voice but your fans will remember you in their heart. May the heaven choose you to one of its resident.


Credit to our friend, Sorata Kobayashi for the featured image


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